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A world hunger essay would highlight the very poor living conditions that many children across the globe live in. Every day is a fight for survival in many countries within the continents of Africa and Asia. A financial crisis like the current one we are experiencing affects poor people the most. The cost of living goes up. Climatic changes like global warming also affect agriculture and living conditions. Poor eating habits are formed out of hunger. Some countries have shown rising gaps in health outcomes due to failed poverty eradication systems. Governments are trying their best to narrow the gap that is growing alarmingly, but when expenditure spent on health programs varies from US$20 to well over US$ 6,000, there is reason to worry. A social work essay should reiterate what the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated; by October 2009, 1.02 billion people around the world were undernourished.

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Using modern production methods would enable maximum grain production thus reducing hunger. However it is found that farmers with large farms do not cultivate their entire land but on the other hand, small farmers work harder and their production rate is much higher. If farm land is redistributed, would this increase the grain production thus decreasing hunger? You could discuss the reality and the theoretical aspects of this concept in your world hunger essay.

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