Unveiling Amy Tan's Two Kinds Essay Introduction

Amy Tan's Two Kinds essay is about a Chinese mother who immigrated to America after losing everyone, and everything that she had knew back in China, to start a new life. The entire essay focuses on the mother and daughters' relationship with each other. Throughout the essay the mother tries to make her daughter become a prodigy in some way or another, scolding her and pushing her every time she has a new idea for her. For example making her daughter watch Shirley Temple movies, and forcing her to cut her hair like Shirley Temple so she can be the next little actress. The mom even traded housekeeping services for weekly piano lessons, and a piano for her to practice on every day. After all of these tests and tries the daughter gets fed up and starts to feel pressured and does not try at all to please her mother, like for example at the talent show when she embarrassed herself when she kept on messing up.

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