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Turn on your personal computer, check the internet connectivity, and go to a search browser. Type in topics for argumentative essay and you will see hundreds of results. You can easily find a good topic from the web. There are thousands of them to choose from

essay topics for argumentative essays

For example, cloning is a topic of interest for many modern people, and the students willingly write about this controversial issue since there is plenty of information can be found in many reputable sources. Writing an requires analyzing both pro and con arguments regarding to this issue, and helping the reader accept your point of view: either supporting further experiments on cloning, or believing that cloning should be stopped due to potential dangers linked to artificial life. Other very common argumentative essay topics which can be considered “classic ones” for modern students include capital punishment, gun control, the issues of abortion or gay marriage legalization, the effects of the newest technological developments on our life and health, and a number of others. Choosing all these topics for argumentative essay is advantageous, mainly due to availability of large amounts of information.

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Buy yourself some study guides or if you don’t want to buy them you can simply check them at a public or college library. These study guides have a wide range of topics for different forms of essay. You can even find expert written essays as a sample and tips and tricks on how to choose a good topic for argumentative essay