A suitable conclusion for this sample thematic essay appears below:

Before actually writing the thematic essay response, one should analyze the task and organize the information that they wish to include in the essay response. It is also important to read the scoring rubric to ensure that the essay response meets all of the requirements necessary to earn the maximum score of five.

A suitable introduction for this sample thematic essay appears below:

The conclusion to the essay response should communicate what it is that the essay will show or prove. The thematic essay generic scoring rubric states that to earn a five, the essay, “Introduces the theme or problem by establishing a framework that is beyond a simple restatement of the and concludes with a summation of the theme or problem.”

Tips on Writing Thematic Essays

"Thematic Essay- Nationalism". Anti Essays. 17 Jan. 2016

Thematic essay writing has gone through a lot of developments; there are multiple requirements that have either been modified or completely altered. A thematic essay is one which tests your ability to write in a coherent way. Of the changes that have been made to this kind of writing in the recent past, is the issue of the structure of the essay. Conventionally, the essays were required to have a good introduction, well written body in sensible paragraphs, and finishing off with a deserving conclusion. However, there are some learning systems that recognize a thematic essay that includes neither an introduction nor a conclusion. We understand that this can be quite confusing for you, and for this reason we advise you to submit your thematic essay writing problem to our talented writers. From the description of your paper, we are able to discern which method is required of your essay, and as such write it up for you. Apart from that, we are always available for necessary revisions.