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If you have already written your Stanford MBA Admission essay, we can still help you. It is difficult to proofread and edit your own writing. You need an objective eye to read and critique your essay. We can help with the fine tuning of your Stanford MBA Admission essay with our expert proofreaders and writers working together. Why not let us do what we do best? We will do our best to help you get into the Stanford MBA Program.

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Stanford Admission Essay - .xyz

Irena Smith is simply amazing at personal statement consultation and helping you through college application process overall. As a UC Berkeley student who went through her guidance in high school, I can honestly say that Irena was extremely helpful (if not essential) to developing my own writing voice in the college essays.

First and foremost, she is a very legitimate source of authority on college applications, as she has worked for the Stanford undergrad admissions process. The fact that she knows the ins-and-outs to one of the toughest admissions processes in the nation is already a recommendation of its own--but Irena is so much more than that. She has a decade of teaching experience under her belt, so she is very skilled at guiding you towards the right direction in your essay using your own voice and personality. It also helps that she is a very warm and friendly person, so you feel very comfortable around her, as a relaxed, open atmosphere is crucial to brainstorming for an essay that is supposed to represent who you are and everything you have accomplished in life.

Which leads me to my next point: the college admissions process is a scary, harrowing journey, but Irena is unwaveringly encouraging and helpful. When things seemed to get tough, or whenever I hit a roadblock in my writing, she would always somehow put me back on track. I cannot imagine what my college application process would have been like without Irena! With her experience as a Stanford admissions essay reviewer, razor-sharp intuition for brainstorming essay ideas, and warm, supportive personality as a whole, Irena is really as good as it gets in this line of business!