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Seniors are required to take two semesters of Senior Research (EVST 496a and 496b) in which they work on their essay under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Seniors pursuing a double major may opt for a single term of the colloquium, but this must be approved by the DUS in advance. For examples of past senior essay topics, visit the section of our website. For a copy of the Senior Essay Handbook, click .

MCDB – Senior Essay Topic Approval Form

The St. John’s curriculum may, on the surface, seem not only the antithesis of freedom, but even anti-democratic, as choice is the essence of democracy. However, although the curriculum is determined, the education that emerges from this curriculum is anything but. Choice is abundant in the questions that are raised and the manner in which they are addressed as is evident in the senior essay topics. In fact, we believe that we have the most democratic classrooms possible. Nothing is predetermined. Every question is open for discussion. Everyone is equal in the classroom and has a voice before the texts and the ideas they contain. Classes at St. John’s are led by tutors, not professors. Tutors, who are here because they want to learn with the students, not lecture or profess. The conversation begins with a question from the tutor, but the class responds to the questions of all. The texts themselves are the teachers. Learning is the goal and questions are the means. "

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For examples of past senior essay topics, visit the Student Research section of our website