There’s a science essay contest around here where the kids get written feedback (at least some of them do—more than just the actual prize winners, as my daughter didn’t win anything but did get detailed comments from several people). The serious attention to both writing and logic was extremely cool, I thought. I really wish more teachers had time to give that level of feedback, as the judges homed in on exactly those areas where she was weakest due to poor writing instruction. Like many gifted students, my daughter could write extremely well at the sentence level at an early age, and had some interesting and sophisticated ideas to convey, but constructing a complete, logical argument did not come so easily.

Social Science Essay Contest Winners Announced - UMUC

This Annual Youth Science Essay Contest, both in Spanish and English, is open to 13–18 year old students around the country. The best essays are published on the website and visits are organized to University Laboratories to learn about R&D. This event is supported by Public and Private institutions.

Science essay contest for middle and high school students.

Middle School Science Essay Contest

Tsumura Kana recently became the first Japanese to win a prize in a prestigious international science essay contest for high school students. The competition, called the , is organized by the , and was being held for the twelfth time. Kana's essay was among the six selected for prizes out of the 116 submitted for the contest from around the world.

The competition, which provides more than $50,000 in total prizes and awards to all winners, was created in 1986 as a science essay contest to honor those lost in the Challenger space shuttle crash. One of the crew members, Sharon Christa McAuliffe, was the first teacher in space.