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Every year, I encourage my twelfth grade students to apply for college scholarships. And every year, I have to work hard to convince them to apply for the scholarships requiring essays. I’m often met with looks of disbelief when I tell them it’s worth the time to apply; after all, someone wins these scholarships every year. Why not you?

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If you have been applying for scholarships you must have understood by now that most of the scholarships that require essays analyze the thinking, attitude and writing skill of the applicant through the essays. If you have been thinking that just because you do not get high and extraordinary grades in school you are not eligible to apply for scholarships, you are wrong. There are many scholarships that are offered to students who have different caliber and qualities. You have to find out about the scholarships that match with your abilities. Do not presume that every sponsor will first look at your grades and reject your application just because you have received average grades.