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Mike Barrett begins his free, complete SAT essay prep video series by explaining how the SAT essay came about, and why it is nothing like any other essay you'll ever have to write.

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However, when you break it down, an SAT and ACT essay is really nothing to be afraid of. The readers are not expecting you to be Shakespeare, they’re not expecting you to be the next great American novelist, and they’re not expecting perfect penmanship. All they want to see is that you’re able to choose a side on the issue they present you with, and write a clear, concise essay that fully supports the argument you’re making. ACT essay prep and SAT essay prep are possible and necessary, and if you do solid prep work, and little structured brainstorming before you start writing, you can write a fantastic essay in the 25 minutes provided. Here’s how:

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In our SAT Essay Prep Packages, we provide a helpful instructional Guide that clearly shows how to write a top-scoring essay. We also provide sample SAT essay questions that mirror the actual questions on the test and then give in-depth coaching and advice on how to improve each practice essay you write. We grade and critique each essay using five-point criteria that will show you exactly where you are weak and what you need to do to improve. Not surprisingly, students find that the more they practice with us, the better they become at writing in the time-sensitive way the SAT essay requires and the higher they score. Get Started with one of our Practice Packages today!