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As you can see, it may be beneficial for you to look for sample reflective essays before you get started on yours. If this is your first reflective essay, then you don’t want to do it blindly. You want to make sure that your essay follows the right tone and form, has a great topic idea, and is structured correctly.

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The users' guide contains instructions for use of the worksheet in addition to a sample reflective essay and worksheet pair that illustrate use of this tool. Included in the guide are selected references and we encourage users especially to read Jay and Johnson's original article, "Capturing complexity: A typology of reflective practice for teacher education," which describes the typology we have adopted and modified for the worksheet.

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For our 3rd-year transclerkship course focused on physician role and reflective practice, students are called upon to generate reflections upon their clinical encounters. In addition to group discussion around narrative reflections in small-group seminars, students were invited for individual sessions with their preceptors to go over their writings in greater detail. Preceptors used the RSW to qualitatively assess student reflections and delivered feedback to their learners using the specific dimensions of reflection that the assessment worksheet hopes to capture. Students were then invited to participate in a focus group. Focus group comments were largely positive and encouraging and suggested that this approach would generalize to a wider group of teachers and learners in an effort to enhance reflective skills. There has been gathering faculty interest in the RSW and continued efforts around its refinement. The RSW was introduced to core faculty in our school's Clinical Practice course and greeted with great enthusiasm for its simplicity and ease of usage. The RSW was introduced to a national audience of medical educators at the 2008 AAMC Conference in San Antonio, Texas and the 2010 Pediatric Academic Society in Vancouver, Canada. Participants' utilization of the worksheet's semi-structured approach produced concordant assessment across multiple sample reflective essays speaking to its straightforwardness and hinting at its reliability. Many participants claimed that the worksheet facilitated their ability to develop specific feedback when applied to provided sample reflections.