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The following rhetorical analysis essay example of a narrative story demonstrates the writer’s ability to capture the interest of the readers while narrating an unforgettable experience. The short story is a good reading material for students because the reader is given a clear idea on the techniques used by excellent writers. A story about human experience does not have to be a long one to be interesting and have an impact on its reader.

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I chose this story for my rhetorical analysis essay example for the benefit of students who want to improve their writing abilities and those are thinking of starting a career in writing. The style of the writer in narrating her tale is very simple but effective. First, she describes the fulfilling environment pervading in the clinic and then proceeds by explaining the predicament of the woman who is one of their patients eager to procreate. When narrating the clinical situation of the lady in question, the author becomes very methodical and technical in her narration showing the depth of her knowledge in the medical field.

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If the topic is not assigned, it should be something you can write about with knowledge and passion. In other words, something you have a great deal of interest in. A random topic will come across as boring in your writing. It is helpful to use a rhetorical analysis essay example to get an idea of how the essay should sound, how it is set up and how all the parts fit together. Of course, these examples should never be handed in because that is plagiarism and it is usually punished by expulsion. Rhetorical analysis essay examples are inexpensive and can help you get started on writing.