11. Response to Literature Essay Outline

Finally, the conclusion section. Ss a rule, top response to literature essay examples have a strong conclusion. Besides, the conclusion needs to be in tune with your thesis.

21. Response to Literature Essay Reflection

Right, so you have been set with writing a response to a literature essay, but you have no idea as to where to start and are beginning to feel that dreaded surge of panic slowly rise up from the pit of your belly as your mind conjures up a million and one ridiculous scenarios. Don’t worry, you are not the first university student to find themselves in this predicament and nor will you be the last. As you journey through life you will come to discover that the key to success is not necessarily in how good you are at doing any one given task, but how good you are at surviving it.

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This is the order that I teach the Response to Literature Essay. I provide Writing Vocabulary and teach the Detailed Paragraph Structure based on the model by Jane Schaffer. I have students write the body paragraphs first, and then go back later to write the intro and conclusion. Along with essay assignments and mini-lessons, which also serve as handouts, I provide several PowerPoint presentations, an essay rubric, a checklist of what to turn in with the final draft, and a reflection sheet. All in all, there are 21 documents that are ready to use, or can be easily adapted for your classroom.