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Start your work with writing a small introducing for your academic essay. It should not be longer than one paragraph, and it should include your thesis statement and some basic information about the topic you’re going to write about. Then, come to writing the body paragraphs and use the selected type of presentation. Make sure that you’re using a strong and persuasive writing style, and also follow the rules of writing clarity. Summarize the information you presented in your pros and cons essay in the last paragraph of conclusion. Review your essay a few times and make necessary changes before coming to referencing and citing the academic sources you used in your work. It can be a good idea to ask someone like your friends or family members to read your essay and give you feedback. Finally, after making references, you should proofread your essay and make sure that it is free from any sort of errors and mistakes. Good luck with your work!

Much like writing a debate essay, writing a pros and cons essay argues an issue

The pro and con essay is a persuasive essay that requires you to discuss both sides to a debate prior to revealing your position within the debate at the end of the paper. The objective of this paper is to compare things.

Pros and Cons Argumentative Essay - Essay - 546 Words

Pro and Con Essays: Key Issues

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