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If it’s your first time writing a visual analysis essay, or you’ve written many before but don’t know how to improve, it can be quite overwhelming. Writing a photo analysis essay is truly unique compared to all the different types of essays you are probably used to writing, but that makes it all the more fun! Photo analysis essays give you a unique chance to be a little more creative with your paper. Here are some tips for writing a great photo analysis essay while sticking to what’s really important about the photo.

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This is key to writing a good essay. You want to make sure you really understand what you’re saying, and that all depends on spending the time with the picture to figure out what it says to you and how it makes you feel. A photo analysis essay is one of the situations where your personal interpretation will actually make a big difference in how your paper goes. So spend a good amount of time analyzing the picture: how does it make you feel? What creates that reaction? Pay attention to lighting and other technical details; does the shadow in a particular spot really draw your eye to the action? Jot that down, you’ll want to talk about it in your paper.

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