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In 2003 Brian Sewell was awarded The Orwell Prize for Journalism. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the prize and the 110th of George Orwell’s birth. To celebrate, Quartet Books present, in digital-only format, a selection of his prizewinning essays. Originally published in the Evening Standard – where the author has worked since 1984 – The Orwell Essays were picked for their prescience more than ten years on, testament to the Spectator’s view that ‘Brian Sewell is surely the funniest art critic of our time’, and proof that he is so much more…

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Read 1984 -George Orwell free essay and over 84,000 other research documents

George Orwell essays show absolute power corrupts and kills the basic idea of human beings as a social creature. ... Orwell was sickened with the fact that people were treated as though as they were objects. ... In the essay, aa," Shooting an Elephant, aa," Orwell begins to commiserate with the tyrannized. ... Orwell believes that the coolie deserves humanity. ... Orwell is a political writer, a man of intense feelings and violent hates. ...