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New York City at Night Photo Essay - Suitcase Stories | Suitcase Home » Photo Essays » New York City at Night New York Times Photo Essay Photo Essay. There are parts of New York City that look better at night than they do during the day. You don’t get the full effect of Times Square unless you see it at night.

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Days in New York City, September 11, 2001-May, 2002, a photo essayThe New York Times has just published an excellent summary, The New York Times Photo Essay Reckoning: American and The World A Decade After 9/11, as a supplement in the Sunday edition of September 11, 2011 (get the actual newspaper, it makes more sense New York Times Essay to hold it in your hands).

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# In The New York Times photo essay "Attack on Tyre," a photograph of a man who appears dead is accompanied with the caption reading "bodies were still buried under the rubble." However, in a later photograph in the same series, the same man appears to be walking in the foreground of a photo. The Times issued a correction for the first photograph, stating that the man was injured.