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- the biggest con was him helping me position my career goals essay. He asked me what my passion was and we ended up going from there. At first I found it difficult to tie into my work experience and educational background but I trusted his expertise and I felt that this is where it fell apart. I was invited to an interview with Columbia but was dinged because I just had a hard time coming across as convincing that the career goal we had crafted would be a feasible choice post-MBA. I know it is my fault for not sounding 100% convincing to the interviewer that I'm able to do what I claim to do in my career goals essay but I really thought Adam should have steered me in a different direction. In fact I even brought up the idea that we were going in a wrong direction early on while we were working on the essay but I think because we had already invested so much time he didn't want to change directions.

I sent you my career goals essay and you tore it to shreds on several occasions

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