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Essay writing contests are great. The entry requirements are pretty simple and the prizes are often well worth the time and energy spent in composing a great piece. Middle school essay contests are becoming increasing popular at schools, as they encourage students to improve their skills in academic writing at an early age. Here is a simple strategy for winning such a contest at this age:

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Now that you’ve read the excellent tips about selecting a good topic for your middle school essay, you should have a look at a few examples to cement what you’ve learnt. The following list of examples should help you on your way to selecting a great theme for your paper:

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The Aurora Project held its first ever middle school essay contest in the beginning of 2014. Students from Aurora School were challenged to write an essay answering the prompt: Each family has a unique history full of challenges, accomplishments, legends, and heros. These stories are greatly affected by where each family comes from and lives. What are some special stories or characteristics from your family background? How has living in Aurora affected your family history?