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Academically, I've also been having fun. While I had done a lot of the class' math and physics in high school, it was very refreshing to strengthen my foundations -- rumor has it engineers use integrals from time to time. I also took a course on MATLAB, a programming language originally made for matrix manipulation, which turns out to be perfect for any form of applied math. I got a bit ahead of the class and decided to program a historically accurate virtual Enigma, a World War II electromechanical encryption machine. Cryptographically, it was very interesting because it generated a new complete permutation for every letter. In practice, this means that one cannot do statistical analysis to decrypt a message. The key element is that there are three rotors inside the machine that step at every key press (like a mechanical pedometer). Mathematically, a complete permutation of the alphabet is composed because of this. In programming it, the key was that composing permutations is similar to indexing a vector. Playing with that was, besides difficult, really interesting. I'm starting to understand why some people would want to major in computer science. It was the subject of a recent movie called , about how Alan Turing and a team at Bletchley Park broke the Enigma for England, but I had been interested in it long before. The Enigma code was the subject of my International Baccalaureate (IB) Math Extended Essay, which is a paper all IB students must write on virtually any topic of their choice.

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