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The “little man” has bumbled through the 20th century, but his female counterpart has not. The decline of gentility meant that women essayists no longer needed to worry quite so much about being decorous. As Victorian proprieties eroded, female essayists could be more unabashed. Virginia Woolf and Dorothy Parker wrote wickedly funny essays— though this activity did not allow them to escape all the restrictions on their gender in their societies. Parker, in particular, should be regarded as a 20th-century woman, not a 19th-century lady. Woolf was cleverer than most men, Parker was quicker, and both were funnier. Among contemporary female practitioners of the humorous essay, some, such as Nora Ephron, Molly Ivins, and Fran Lebowitz, find their subjects in the (still) masculine public sphere, while others, such as Jean Kerr, Shirley Jackson, Peg Bracken, and Erma Bombeck, focus on domestic life; but all feel free to be both clever and incisive.

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Mark has been a nationally syndicated humor columnist for the and is currently a regular humor essay blogger for The Huffington Post. (Check out one of his columns .) His humor essays have also appeared in and magazines, among others. He contributes radio comedy sketches and original material to Premiere Radio Syndicate and to the Jack FM series of CBS Radio stations nationwide. Finally, Mark has contributed comedy material to Showtime, the Playboy Channel, America Online, Weekly World News, and to nationally syndicated cartoonists including Bizarro's Dan Piraro. He is currently developing an edgy new children's feature film called , and sincerely hopes for world peace, and for both Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie to respect his restraining orders.

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But 500 Dates is about much more than dating. Its humor essays also cover romance, relationships, breakups, attraction, the nature of love, and how both men and women view the art, science, expectations, and reality of courtship and turning courtship into something deeper and longer lasting in the twenty-first century. Throughout these essays, a portion of which were previously published in various media, Miller provides a sense of hope about one’s romantic prospects. Readers will find that the end of a marriage, even a long-term one, does not mean the end of romance—or one’s sense of humor.