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Review how to plan an essay. Few people can sit down, write a final draft of an essay the first time around, and receive a satisfactory grade. Instead, you have to plan what you’re going to write. The best way to start is to jot down everything you know about a topic without worrying about the order. From there, you can organize your thoughts into groups.

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How to Plan an Essay Using a Mind Map?

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This week's lesson has been, in the words of my Head of Department, that ‘you're only as good as your last lesson'. If you teach a bad lesson, you feel like a rubbish teacher until you teach another good one. With only a week to go until our next half term it felt like this week would never end. An extra class has given me another headache in terms of managing planning and behaviour, but also an extra boost and feeling of achievement when things go well. I have found that as a new teacher (indeed a temporary one) you have to be really black and white about rules and consequences in order to have a hope of keeping order in a classroom of lively adolescents. This week this has left me with very ambivalent feelings about the kind of teacher I want to be. It's not nice being so strict with children, when you would never dream of being as direct or downright hostile to adults. I feel like I'm the nasty one and not the popular one, but I'm told that in the long run kids actually appreciate people who keep good order – as long as they know that you care. Another important lesson I learnt – as a Year 10 lesson (during which they were supposed to be doing a timed essay) unravelled alarmingly on Friday – is that you must make sure that the students feel confident enough to do the task. I got this one wrong, and thought that they could just do a timed essay without too much help (they had done one before). They practically refused to do it, and my handle on the class was almost lost completely. I retrieved the situation by suggesting we work on how to plan an essay, and almost immediately the atmosphere was transformed. I realised then that a class going well depends so much on the level at which the task is set, and it has to be appropriate to the majority of students in that class.