Sample Essay: Harvard Medical Essay 1

So many people apply to Harvard because it's Harvard; they don't do any analysis or evaluation of the opportunity beyond that fact. Most of the Harvard essays we read reflect this. They are borrrrr-rrrrring. They don't show any spark or pizzazz. They don't give any indication that the writer of said essay has an appreciation for the Harvard opportunity.

Sample Essay: Harvard Medical Essay 7

Want to get in Harvard? Then you really need to work hard for the Harvard admission essay. Harvard is a prestigious university and everybody does not get privilege to study at Harvard. You would sometime wonder why admission essay is included in your admission process. But they are really very important because when the admission committee gets so many profiles which seem same with same grades and achievements then only a good essay would help you to penetrate the admission process. University like Harvard receives admission request from all over the world thus competition becomes much more difficult and admission depends only on a well written essay.

Take a look at the digitized version of JFK’s Harvard essay:

Your job in your essays – all essays, not just a Harvard essay – is to communicate.

For some people, discussing the goals in the Harvard essay can work well. You can offer up a plan for your future and what you want to do. You can present your short-term and long-term goals that you built up for other schools. And, you’ll want to be specific. You have an opportunity here to help them know you a bit better, and to allow them to see who you are and what you aspire to. The more details you can offer, the more convincing you will be.