Overall, do you think that they are good essays or poor ones?

The introduction part of the essay will directly relate to the main topic of the essay. This part of a good essay should reveal to the reader, in a concise form the main text of the essay. The unfolding of the information on the topic question along with the answer, should be in such a manner that the reader is compelled to read the whole essay. Hence, the writer should give a brief hint about the matter inside, while leaving the rest to be explored by the reader.

The majority of teachers emphasize on the importance of choosing good essay topics.

By most standards, I had written a good essay, with a solid stance, thesis, argument, counterargument, refutations, hook, transitions, and all that jazz. I now realize that what was missing were concrete examples, which seem absolutely necessary to get a very high score. So, if there's one piece of advice would give to those who want a high score, it is to use examples. For those who are already pretty good writers, that's probably the most important advice.

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The ability to write good essays does not come to many people easily. It is a skill which requires constant attention and practice. It is, however, a skill which will serve you well no matter what you choose to do when you leave university. Effective communication is a key to success in many walks of life. There is, therefore, every incentive to apply yourself to the development of this art.

What a good question! Even after graduating with a degree in English and writing hundreds of papers I still rely on one single thing to help me write the best possible essay I can . . . an outline. See, the problem with most essays is that the content is disorganized. You may have great ideas and facts that you want to write about, but somewhere during the writing process you start mixing them up. Suddenly your perfect paper sounds all wrong and you want to scream! I've found that the best papers I've ever written (meaning my A papers) have all started with a good, solid outline. Once you have an outline down, your paper writes itself. Your thoughts are organized and the teacher can understand your main point (which is your thesis) and how you supported that point. A focused paper is the key to writing a good essay. Here's the format for the outline I usually follow: A good essay will always have a small conclusion part, which will summarize the contents of the essay in a brief manner. Buy essay, research paper, coursework or dissertation on any topic! ValWriting is most professional and trustful!