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Great Gatsby Essay) Essay, Research Paper The American Dream The American Dream was the philosophy that brought people to America and to start a new To reach his ideal dream of spending his life with Daisy, Jay Gatsby attains his millions in a corrupt way which help him to replace emotions

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Gatsby EssayWho is the real hero of the novel Nick or Gatsby ? discuss In the novel the great Gatsby we can look at two people as the heros, but they are both heros in a different manner . ... It was sort of brought upon him by Gatsby who need him in his plan to get to Daisy . ... Some may say Gatsby died a heros death and then there are those who may say he died out of stupidity . ... Or maybe it could be the fact that he helped someone realize their dream before it was to late he was Gatsby's hero someone who put into Gatsby's life what he had been longing to have . ...

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