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What is essay writing? Could you explain it someone? Probably not. Most people don’t have a clue how to really describe essay writing, aside from mentioning it has an introduction, conclusion and a body (and even some people might not get that far). Understanding essay writing is key to succeeding in school, so why is it that so many students draw a blank when asked to describe it? The reason is simple. Students don’t full understand essay writing, so it would be impossible for them to explain it to something else. The main issue? They aren’t effectively taught essay structure, and even when they’re repeatedly shown the essay structure, none it sinks in. Students aren’t taught to understand why essays are written the way they are, and why they are important. This makes it far more difficult to internalize essay rules and succeed in future essay assignments. With so much working against them, how can student ever hope to succeed at essays?

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McGaughey said she has plans to continue her writing by entering future essay contests but likely would not try the Mayor for a Day contest in her sixth-grade year. However, she enjoyed the experience and would encourage other students to enter the competition next year.

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For me it was the revelation, when I found the books of Lee Child, popular British thriller writer. The main special figure of his novels is, undoubtedly, a fictional character Jack Reacher. He is absolutely charismatic, determined and persistent person with a smart and well-developed mind. Jack is former sergeant of police, but his developed ability to plan every action beforehand, foresee the possible consequences is making him practically invincible. Surely, this kind of thinking will help you in any working processes, for instance, in making of future plan essay.