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One can make a funny essay following the pattern or style made by those who gave funny essay answers to the topic that were given by their teachers to write. While the essay that one will write will turn out to be funny, it cannot match the hilarity of the work done by students and submitted to website as part of the great collection of funny essays. When a student attempts to make fun of the teacher’s essay assignment, the resulting essay may be amusing to him and other readers but will be unacceptable to the unsuspecting teacher who treats the essay as he would others that were submitted by his classmates. Of course, if the things written were too provoking or vulgar, the student can get a reprimand from the teacher and the proverbial trip to the principal’s office.

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The funny essay answers were not meant to be comical but were serious answers to the topics assigned to them. They only became hilarious when the writers attempted to put too many thoughts or concepts into the essay and failed to organize the cramped assortment of ideas into a cohesive message. The resulting essays are quite entertaining to read and compiling them into a file in the web is appreciated by many people including old teachers who recognize some of the essays.

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