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And then there are complications. If you are an accomplished journalist, your writing (while excellent) will not fit the rubrics State may have for the FSOT essay. If that is the case, you will not pass. On top of that, there's an educational problem with the 5-paragraph essay. At some major (and reasonably well-respected) state universities, the faculty dream of receiving essays that are formatted as well as the 5-paragraph. The problem is, again, that students who have pursued additional training in writing will have been exposed to the reasons why the 5-paragraph format is inadequate for virtually all purposes. These applicants' more advanced writing will likely fail if the rubric is set up around the 5-paragraph essay format.

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There are four parts to the test. One section will require writing an essay in 30 minutes on an assigned topic. With many standardized tests, the essay is considered to be the hardest part of the exam. However, many of those who have taken the FSOT have said that the essay portion is one of the easier sections. Make no mistake; it's still very difficult to write a high scoring FSOT essay, because the grading standards are so high. So, if many consider the essay the easiest part of the exam, you can imagine how difficult the other parts are. The other sections are English Expression and Usage, Biographic Information (where you answer questions about your life experiences), and Job Knowledge. The last section is the one that most people consider to be the most difficult. On this part, the test taker will answer questions about US history, world history, US politics, world politics, and more. These questions can span centuries, and require a broad, but in depth knowledge of history and politics both here and abroad. With a test as difficult as this as the initial barrier to employment, it's no wonder that Foreign Service jobs are considered so prestigious.