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An opportunity for high school seniors, this scholarship asks students to read and study the “Fire Sprinkler Essay”, on which they will take a ten-question, open-note test. Every correct question receives one drawing for a chance to win $2000 prize. If you ask me, fire sprinklers never seemed more appealing.

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Applicant must be a high school senior living in the United States. Applicant must read the "Fire Sprinkler Essay" (approximately 3,000 words) about automatic fire sprinklers and take a ten-question multiple-choice test. For each question answered correctly, students will receive one entry into a drawing for one of ten $2,000 scholarships. For each question answered incorrectly, they will be given one more chance at the end of the exam to answer those questions correctly. Online contest only. Phone calls, e-mails, or faxed applications will not be accepted.