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more all contributed to the magazine's success. The famous photo essays of Smith, Country Doctor, Story form Minamata, Eisnstaedt’s famous VJ day image, White's first cover of the Hoover Dam, Capa’s war reportage and so many more. Magazines like Life in America, Picture Post in England, Biz in Germany and Vu in France, were just some of the outlets for the new breed of photographers who took advantage of the hand held camera to engage in the art of story telling through images…reportage. Life popularized the photo essay and emphasized pictures that tell stories.

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In 1941, four years before Ed Lemmon passed away at the age of 88, Life magazine featured South Dakota in one of its famous photo essays. The photographer found Lemmon on Main Street, dapper in a white shirt and tie, but also ungainly, with his right leg misshapen and foot twisted inward; with the aid of his gnarled cane he managed to stay upright, but just. Lemmon was in the town he founded, among people who knew and loved him, but he wasn’t truly home. That was beyond the end of town, in the grass, endlessly shifting in the breeze.

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