Extended Definition Essay: Values

You are to dwell upon the details of the subject you are going to explain and define. If you have been assigned to write an extended definition essay, but have never done it before, do not worry. It may seem difficult at the first glance, but when you organize your work and make some preparations, it will not look like a difficult task at all.

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Start with the definition you have found, then take a closer look into the essence of the subject, go into details describing structural peculiarities and classification. After that you should dwell upon each point in the classification and develop the definitions in one or more aspects. The extended definition essay is to follow this pattern.

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Of course, to cope with extended definition essay writing successfully, you need to figure out relevant points that you can state in your definition. There are two general approaches to the definition of concepts. They are observatory definition and informative definition.

Many language arts teachers enjoy assigning definition essays. The extended definition essay has different requirements than other types of expository writing. Readers do not need to be persuaded to believe anything. When writing a definition essay on a topic like friendship, you need to not only explain where the word came from, but you also need to understand where the word came from and what the different pieces of the word mean.