The conclusion of an explanatory essay summarizes what was said in the body part of the essay. This is where it looks similar to other types of essays. There is no restriction as to the length of a conclusion, but the rule of thumb is that it should not be over 10 sentences. What is more important, no new information should be presented in the conclusion. Conclusion of an explanatory essay only summarizes the findings that are already explained in the body part of the essay.

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While composing an explanatory essay, ensure that your ideas follow a clear path in order to keep your readers on track. Each of your paragraphs should contain a particular idea backed by a clear explanation. You should have a good introduction, body and conclusion.


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Colleges and universities use scores from the Praxis I Core examination to assess applicants for teacher education programs, and some states use the test to evaluate teachers seeking certification. In the writing section of the exam, you'll provide two essay samples, including an informative or explanatory essay. The essay section of the test is meant to determine your ability to produce solid writing within a short time frame. You'll have 30 minutes to complete each essay.

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