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The Documentary Photo Essay will consist of weekly assignments that will be critiqued at the beginning of the following week's class. Initial assignments including environmental portraits, working with minimum and maximum depths of field, and creating establishing shots will develop the tools to produce a classic photo essay (e.g. the Life Magazine photo essays of the 1940s and '50s.) Examples of photo essays by renowned photographers such as W. Gene Smith (e.g. Minamata series) and Sebastiao Salgado (e.g. Migrations) will be examined. Students will discuss and refine their project ideas in class.

Prerequisite: n/a
Course Credit: 3

Examples Of Photo Essays. There are all kinds of reasons that they may want to do this.

Here are some examples of photo essays created by community researchers in the Philippines. They were put up in the Community Partnering Project office and continued to be a talking point throughout the project.

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Yes, this is what I meant- I wanted to look through some examples of photo essays.

We present an exercise on “doing gender” that uses digital media to create an opportunity for interactive learning. Students create photo essays on gender performances in everyday life and then present their photo essays to their peers. This exercise allows undergraduates to engage in “real-life” learning regarding the socially constructed and performative nature of gender. In discussing each other’s images in class, students confront both the ubiquity of gender performances and understand how they produce, receive, and police performances. We present the assignment and grading rubric in detail, describe examples of photo essays ranging from unsuccessful to excellent, and detail student learning and assessments of the assignment.