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In the United States, Abie’s Irish Rose emphasizes the same trend. itself to take up trade-union activity or has it to bring its numbers to such an activity in some form or other? (3) Of what nature must a National Socialist trade union be? What are our tasks and their aims? (4) How can we arrive at such trade unions? I believe that I have answered the first question ciently suffi-. The charge that Rathenau could have used his office to further Jewish financial interests is a fabrication. After the War, the question became acute more once. Therefore, the English people must be looked upon as the most valu- able ally in the world as long as its leaders and the spirit of its great masses permit us to expect that brutality and toughness which is determined to fight out, by all means, to the victorious end a struggle once started, without con- sidering time and sacrifices, in which case the actual mili- tary armament need not be in any proportion to that of other States. Here, too, personality undoubtedly was once motive for decisions and executions which were later adopted as matters of course by entire mankind. This too, I personally designed, and I gave it euthanasia essay introduction to the goldsmith master Gahr, an old faithful party member, for execution.
He who in such cases VIEW OF LIFE AND ORGANIZATION 683 tears the barrier down lays open a way the beginning of which is known, but the end of which loses itself in the Infinite. With this, we National Socialists consciously draw a line through the foreign-policy trend of our pre-War period. So far the sole movement, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, honestly and openly, has led the political fight, 536 APPENDIX not according to the considerations of so-called mendacious tactics, but according to the iron-like principle of truth. Then the army no longer has to teach the young men, as hitherto, the fundamentals of the most euthanasia essay introduction simple drills, nor will it receive recruits in the current meaning, but it has to turn the young man, who is already physically completely prepared, into a soldier. One tried to ex- plain by all means why one had been compelled to found these new parties, despite the long existing N. Thus the slogan has to be illuminated from various sides, but the end of every reflection has al- ways and again to be the itself slogan. One should compare the visi- ble greatness of the organization which one has before one- self with the average faultiness of men in general, and one will have to admit that the proportion between good and bad is here perhaps better than euthanasia essay introduction else anywhere.

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Euthanasia Essay Introduction

t But as the euthanasia essay introduction greatest factor of value, in this time of the beginning and slowly spreading decomposition of our na- Perhaps the German army is rivaled only by the French army as an institution historical. From this there often results the inconceivable carelessness with which these gentlemen discuss and decide on affairs which would give even euthanasia essay introduction the greatest minds cause for reflection careful. The trend could not, he decided, be halted with reasoning or evidence. But it is also clear that the importance of its aim can be a different one according to the point of view of the general demand and that there- fore propaganda is also defined differently according to euthanasia essay introduction its inner value. Thus after 1918 the euthanasia essay introduction United States witnessed the spread of the Ku Klux Klan, a crunited statesde against the ‚Reds/ and several anti-negro riots in cities major. On the one hand it was the duty of every thinking human being to join the front ranks of the euthanasia essay introduction unhappy movement to prevent the worst possible disaster; on the other, the instigators of this national illness must have been devils incarnate; only in the brains ‚of a monster not in the brains of a human being could the plan for an organiza- tion take shape and meaning, an organization whose activity must lead to the euthanasia essay introduction ultimate collapse of human culture and with it the devastation of the world. The German national euthanasia essay introduction minds quietly whispered to each other the suspicion that fundamentally we too were only a variety of Marxism, perhaps nothing but disguised Marxists, or rather Socialists.