Wide-ranging collection of essays on slavery in the Caribbean.

This book began as a series of short essays on slavery, women, and voting rights published in connection with the Claremont Institute's Salvatori program for high school teachers. When I first started to write, I did not expect my task to be very hard. Many of the typical objections to the Founders are crude and ill informed, and it is easy to answer them.

Includes significant essays on slavery in the Caribbean.

There’s a brand new poem to add to celebrations this year. It’s a previously unknown work by the country’s first published black writer, Jupiter Hammon. UT Arlington grad student Julie McCown, uncovered the handwritten poem while looking for a specific piece of Hammon’s work. The piece, called “An Essay on Slavery," was buried in documents at the Manuscripts and Archives at Yale University Library in Connecticut.

Effective Papers: Essay on Slavery

Essay on slavery

In dealing with the freedmen after the war, Mrs. Rose displays the same sensitivity and balance as in her essays on slavery. Brief summary hardly does justice to the complexities she analyzes in ''Blacks without Masters: Protagonists and Issue,'' but the final sentence suggests her approach: ''No matter what aspect of this subject one considers - no matter whether analysis focuses on the largely nonrevolutionary revolution or the participation of largely powerless participants or the legacy of slavery or the nature of black leadership - there seems, in conclusion, no possibility of escaping an ambivalent treatment of black protagonists during Reconstruction.''