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Today, the higher level Irish Paper 1 included an essay choice on Poverty in Ireland, or An Bochtanas in Éirinn.

There are different essay topics on poverty. The main idea is when you choose the topic you should realize that you are ready to highlight the main aspects of the topic. In other case, your will not meet requirements set by the teacher.

The body of the essay on poverty should be about 70% of the entire text volume and be consistent in its structure to the outline. Here, the topic of the essay is described in details; the results are formulated and justified. The principal requirements for the body are evidentiary and consistency. It is divided into items and paragraphs in accordance with the logical framework presented in the essay on poverty outline. Items of the outline should fully disclose the topic. Essay outline is like the skeleton of logical statement, and everything should be in place in it.You could think of working on an essay on poverty, making use of any of the ideas that have been mentioned above. You will find that most of these ideas force you contemplate a great deal before you write. These are not ideas or topics that you can take for granted. These are topics that need a certain level of focus and thought in order to come out with some real good innovative ideas.