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E-rater - The Educational Testing Service's Electronic EssayRater (e-rater) is a sophisticated "Hybrid Feature Technology" thatuses syntactic variety, discourse structure (like PEG) and content analysis(like IEA). To measure syntactic variety, e-rater counts the number ofcomplement, subordinate, infinitive, and relative clause and occurrences ofmodal verbs (would, could) to calculate ratios of these syntactic features persentence and per essay. For structure analysis, e-rater uses 60 differentfeatures, similar to PEG's proxes.

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I currently work full-time as a professional development coordinator, program director, and linguist for a large international language services company in and , Florida, where I have worked since 2003. In late 2008, I also started working with as an essay rater for the TOEFL iBT program. In addition to my work with inlingua and ETS, I am also a freelance , certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) for translation from Spanish into English, and provide expert advice, management consulting and curriculum development for .

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Essay rater will point out both strong and weak parts of your assignment. Weak parts will be corrected; strong parts will be emphasized. With the help of our essay rater, you will definitely receive a better grade for your writing! Of course, you may ask your friends or family members to rate your essay; however, unless your friends are professional editors, you should not expect outstanding results!