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Certainly, the content of your essay on myself may be a bit different depending on the case. Then, you have to think of the points to include into your essay about myself. Think how to make an introductory paragraph for your paper. As you can guess, things like Hello, my name is, I am from. will not work. I recommend you find good examples and look through free essays on myself. When describing yourself, you should give specific examples of your professional and personal qualities.

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There are many people who are living in this world and everyone has different personalities. There are no two people who have the exactly same personalities. Everyone in this world is unique in their own ways. One’s personality is something that does not change which makes one unique and special. As for me, I am a responsible and sympathetic person, however, I am a self-centered person as well who may have made enemies with a lot of people.
I am a pretty responsible person and I do what I am supposed to do. As now, I am a student in school, therefore I do my homework every single day and study for what I have learned at home. I also pay attention in class most of the time as well. Besides that, I organize my work as well. At home, I am a child, so I respect my parents and help them to do house works, such as doing laundries and washing dishes. I clean my room once a week as well because that is my responsibility as being a child. I also help out friends and classmates when they need help. I give out advices and suggestions to them when they need support and help as well. Generally, I can say that I am a responsible person who does my duties.
Besides being a responsible person, I am also a person who is sympathetic. I have been a sympathetic person when I was really young. For example, when I walk on the street and saw some handicapped people or vagrants, I would help them by giving them money or whatever things that I can do for them to have a better living. When I see animals without a home, I feel sorry for them and I might buy some food for them to eat. I used to donate money to the charities for orphans with my family as well. I feel sympathetic to many people in the world and therefore I do something to help them have a better living.
Even though I am a sympathetic person, however, I am a self-centered person as well. Since I am the only child, I have been kind of spoiled by my parents. When I was young, ...