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When Geoff Dyer wrote the in the early '90s, he had published two novels, (1989) and (1993), an acclaimed but highly unusual book about jazz, (1991), and a critical study of John Berger. Of those titles, the Berger book now stands out as being the least Dyer-ish (the author himself dismisses it as boring and academic). Yet the very qualities we now consider trademark Dyer—the discursive, off-kilter insights into art, photography, and the ways we organize our knowledge—are qualities partly gleaned from Berger. In no book is this more evident than , Dyer's essay on memory and the First World War, now published in the US for the first time.

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Memory is a complicated and powerful tool that human organism possesses. Not all the secrets of human memory have been revealed. That is why writing essays on memory will always be a frequent task.

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Memory essays from a pure medical perspective

This is a good choice for those who want to know all details about the sophisticated mechanism of human memory. You can focus on:

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A creative approach to writing memory essays

If you are a creative person, your memory essay can turn into a really fascinating one. How can you do it? You just need to change the word “memory” a bit into memories and write an essay on memories. Here are several ideas for you.

The most pleasant memories

You definitely remember something that arouses the most pleasant memories. So, what is it? Tell about it in your essay on memories.

We remember mostly good events

Have you noticed that people remember mainly good events that happen to them? Yes, we remember that something negative happened, but we do not remember the details. Give your opinion on the matter in the essay on memories.

War memories

Many people went through wars. These people saw death of their close friends and relatives. They saw atrocities of the belligerents. How do these people manage to live with their memories? Think about it while writing the essay on memories.

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