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Gina Dent explores feminists' use of personal experience to advance feminism and argues that the public performance of confession within feminist circles transforms feminism to a religion. She describes how a "feminist code of speaking a confession (admitting one's guilt of past wrongs and the ensuing conversation of feminist activism) has a "missionary zeal" (63,73). As Joan Scott has done for history, Dent questions the use of personal experience, which is always political, and in this case religious, as evidence for feminist theory. The problem with a religious feminism lies, Dent suggests, in bringing the next generation into the fold, and she warns that, "we risk [feminism's] dissolution in the name of religious freedom" (74). Anna Bondoc concurs with Dent and adeptly names feminist activism "the Church of Progressive Politics" in her essay on identity (170). In this same vein, even Rebecca Walker confesses guilt feelings about her book in her introduction, because she fears the book will not appear political enough (xxxix). However, the politics in To Be Real are evident in the analyses of power, gender, sexuality, class and race.

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His enthusiasm brimming over with the rich set of ideas andproblems he has discovered, Louis Charland's essay on identity,ethics, and the Internet should be grist for the philosophy ofpsychiatry mill for years. Indeed, a brief commentary cannot answerthe many questions raised by his paper. In response, I would liketo focus on two general issues for this essay.

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At this point, my hour is running low. If I had them for more than a few days I would probably take this pre-writing and turn it into a longer Reflective Essay on Identity, but I don’t- so I don’t. I have them add some more thoughts about the new terms I threw at them, and also ask them to come to a final solution to the original question. They turn it in, and we’re done for the day.