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In this deeply insightful essay on empathy and leadership US Army Col. Eric Kail draws out the differences between someone who is charge and leads for themselves, and someone in charge who leads with a deep understanding of others. Leadership, he reminds us, is a two-way relationship, and "empathy," he writes, "is far more critical to good leadership than any technical knowledge, skill or ability."

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The next Software Process and Measurement Cast will feature our essay on empathy. Coaching is a key tool to help individuals and teams reach peak performance. One of the key attributes of a good coach is empathy. Critical to the understanding the role that empathy plays in coaching is understanding the definition of empathy. As a coach, if you can’t connect with those you are coaching you will not succeed.

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Kohut's star quickly rose in the Chicago psychoanalytic community during the 1950s, where he was widely, though sometimes reluctantly, recognized as its most creative figure. He published a number of important articles in these years on applied psychoanalysis, especially the psychology of music, but his greatest contribution was an essay on empathy that was first presented in 1956 and published in 1959. In it Kohut argued that the essential way of knowing in psychoanalysis was through empathy, which he defined as vicarious introspection. Anything else was quixotic and false to the tradition. He never wavered from the position, and empathy would become the centerpiece of his more general self psychology.