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This page functions mostly as an index to my articles on creativity, with a short essay on creativity and creativity exercises right in the introduction. This section will use oil pastels because they're cheap and that's what my site is about, but you can try most of the exercises with any colorful mark-making instrument you have at hand -- ballpoint pens, colored pencils, children's crayons, paint or anything else.

Before he left, however, he wrote this essay on creativity as his single formal input.

Asimov eventually left the group as he did not want to be privy to classified or secret information, according to Obermayer. This essay on creativity, however, remains, and in the face of surmounting obstacles it remains as relevant as ever.

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Essays on Creative Process.

Maggie Boden’s essay on creativity is a wonderful demonstration of how thinking about what intelligent machines can do, forces us to reflect deeply on the nature of the creative process. This brief meditation is filled with those helpful distinctions that facilitate a better appreciation for the numerous facets of being creative. The topic naturally demands that we probe the ways in which we humans are similar to and differ from the artificial entities we are and will create.