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The United States of America… Today, it is one of the most powerful, highly-developed, and wealthy countries. Millions of people wish to be a part of this nation and come to the United States in search of their American Dream.

Imagine that you have to write an essay on America for these people. What can you tell them about your country? Is there something special about America that you believe other people should know?

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American people in essays on America

How can you characterize Americans? How does a typical American citizen look like? Can you list some typical American traits? What do you like and dislike about people living in America? These issues will definitely be interesting for a person who comes to the USA for the first time, and you can give necessary explanations in your American essay.

American top priorities in essays on America

What do American citizens and government care about most of all? Freedom? Human rights? Democracy? Introduce your opinion in the America essay.

American flaws in essays on America

Any country and culture has drawbacks, and it is necessary to know them. Are there some things about your country that you are not proud of? Is there something that people coming to the US should beware of?

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"Narrative Essay On American History"

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Now, while writing an argumentative essay on America Dream, you can dig deep into the above characteristic point. It is convenient to take both sides. The European ideology might have been stagnant at the time, but it was begot from years of culture and time-testing. It bred inner strength and allowed people to survive even in troubled times.