Top 100 Interesting Personal Essay Topic Ideas

Actually, you have to go through a number of steps before you start writing the first paragraph. First of all, you'll have to consider a few compare and contrast essay topics and select the right one for you. As far as the compare and contrast essay ideas or topics are concerned, you'll find a lot of them – some of them will be simple, others will require detailed analysis. You should take your time and pick a topic that makes you feel excited. If it's interesting and keeps you on your toes, you will always be able to write a convincing essay.

Here are a few good strategies for selecting a topic if you’re looking for essay writing ideas:

This deck of cards contains questions or prompts that will help students to uncover Bold, Insightful and Genuine Ideas ("BIG Ideas") as they consider potential topics for their application essays. The student's top-of-mind responses to these cards will lead to a productive discussion and will provide inspiration for thoughtful personal statements/essays for college, graduate school, internships and scholarships. These 50 BIG Essay Ideas have the power to transform a student from not knowing what to write about to generating unique material for the content and context of a truly original essay. While not every card will be appropriate for every student, the collection of these BIG Essay Ideas will help a student to brainstorm and develop an essay that is BIG--Bold, Insightful, and Genuine.

Interesting College Essay Topics Ideas - Essay Writing

Thanks for both essay ideas, Shane, which I have moved to the list as #34 and #35, to facilitate further discussion.

Or maybe state something like this? “Looking for essay ideas from teams of librarians/archivists/faculty who collaborate to enhance historical thinking & writing with digital technology?” The goal would be to identify rich descriptions of digital history pedagogy and learn more about how it influences student learning.