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Essay draft rubric | Massive Action

Here is the solution to the task:
Mon am: Received assignment to do from my tutor - a 2000 word essay by next week!
Mon pm: Sit down and analyse the question first of all to make sure I've really understood it.
Tue am: Brainstorm for initial ideas and make a rough plan of the structure.
Tue pm: First visit to the library in search of relevant reading material.
Wed am: Read and make notes in the library, then read some more and amend my initial plan.
Wed pm: Time to put pen to paper! Start writing first essay draft, and review what more is needed.
Thu am: Spend the morning in the library again, to find the missing information that the essay needs.
Thu pm: Finish writing the first draft with additions - 2000 words are now on paper!
Fri am: Time to edit the first full draft - and improve it!
Fri pm: More revision and second drafting of essay to make sure I'm answering the essay question.
Sat am: Shopping, and domestic chores at home.
Sat pm: Look again at essay - proof read for language and typing errors; print to check presentation.
Sun: My day off from study - rest and relaxation!
Mon am: Print out final version of the essay and hand it in to the office before the 11 o'clock deadline!

Response to Essay Draft 1 by gof81448

A lot of students want to get rid of their assignments as soon as possible and find writing drafts (especially several) completely unnecessary. Some tend to write the draft as a short version after the paper is already completed. This is not quite a correct approach. An essay draft is a very important part of the paper, which helps you to structure your thoughts and materials, choose the correct point of view, write basic scheme, which you will further develop in a full paper. Revising your draft will make you think on what is right and what is wrong and what you shall change to receive the highest possible grade.