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There are several things you can do as a writer to ensure that you will always submit a professional, well written essay on virtually any topic. What you want to do is to make sure you have all the elements of a good essay—the introduction, thesis statement, paragraph full of evidence, and a closing paragraph, as well as lots of time to create and revise the essay – all of these are crucial to a fantastic writing.

Paragraphs are key elements of a good essay

First, we’ll review the essential elements of a good essay, and then I’ll detail a foolproof process that will lead you to a unique, interesting essay on just about anything you — or your teacher — can imagine.

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This article discusses the five key elements of a good essay

Formal evaluation indicated that instruction changed both how and what students wrote (Sexton, Harris, & Graham, in press). Before SRSD instruction, when students were asked to write an essay, they began to write immediately; these essays were of poor quality, containing only two or three ideas. They typically started their essays by stating their position, then gave a single supporting reason, and ended abruptly, without a concluding statement. Following instruction, the students typically planned papers in advance, and the quality of the resulting essays improved. Papers became longer, the number of reasons supporting the premise increased, text was coherently ordered, and all of the basic elements of a good essay were present. The students were more confident about their ability to write a good essay, and more positive about the role of effort and strategy use in writing.