11/7 Teacher-Written Critical Lens Essay:

In the Critical Lens Essay, the student-writer discusses two works of literature from the perspective of a statement, one that is either provided for them or one they have to choose on their own. The statement marks the scope of the essay, hence the inclusion of “Lens” in Critical Lens Essay.

A guide to structuring essays with a focus on critical lens essays.

Quite often students are faced with a problem in their school days: “How to write a critical lens essay”? This article is aimed at helping those students who want to know what exactly a critical lens essay is and how it should be written.

2nd: Part 4: Critical Lens Essay (1 hour)

How to write your body paragraphs for the NYS English Exam part IV - the Critical Lens Essay.

Here is a list of the cummulative literary terms we have explored. Please complete the examples column. This practice will assist in preparing you with knowledge and support for the Critical Lens Essay.

A good way to study for writing is PRACTICE! Download this file and use REAL / ICE / TAG to practice good writing skills. This handout provides you with the structure for the introductory paragraph for the critical lens essayLike all other essays, critical lens essays are written using the same format which are incorporated in other writings i.e. introduction, main text and the conclusion. In the introduction, you have to write the exact quote which needs to be proved as valid or invalid. It should be written with inserted commas and must be accurately written.