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In most cases, there are no compulsory creative essay topics. Even those assigned by the teacher may be altered a bit. Feel free to write about almost everything. Yet, always state your main ideas and the purpose of your writing.

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My students' mystery coins and questions were always theimpetus to study further, and little did they know that I spent a lot more timeon coin homework than they! One of themy students, "Rufus" in Latin, was fortunate enough to have received a Greekprovincial coin (a Caracalla with a four-coiled snake on the reverse). Because the images were very indistinct, theidentity of this coin with its Greek inscription created much suspense in ourclass, and it took time and help from ACE for us to solve the mystery. The attribution then shed light on therelationship between provincial magistrates and their charges, because at thetime we happened to be reading the letters of Pliny the Younger, a provincialgovernor in Bithynia, a region not all that far from where this coin had been minted. A laptop and new digital projector in myclassroom, furnished through a technology initiative at LexingtonCatholic High School,allowed us to look at coin websites together in class and once even snickerover Mark Lehman's coin joke we saw on the Moneta discussion group. When we tackled the essay topics ACE set forthe contests, we delved into dimensions of the Roman world that were new to allof us. In addition to understanding moreabout lesser known emperors such as Gordian III, Gallienus, and Probus, and theturmoil of the late Roman Empire, we learned about the depictions of theColosseum on coins (the only known contemporary images of this amphitheater),how much an extravagant inheritance might be, and why a member of a PraetorianGuard might murder his commander in order to secure a raise. The students responded well to the creativeessay topics, and by the end of the year, we had had a student place in allthree of the contests. The more Ilearned, the more coin connections I found with other facets of our lateRepublic/early Empire Latin curriculum, so even while reading Cicero, Pliny,and Vergil, we still had short "coin moments," and the awarding of the essayprize coins always provided these opportunities as well.

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Nothing can be done without proper study so before everything else go through some creative college essay topics and some creative essay topics to add to your creative pot more and more of creative juices.