There are various kinds of essays within college essays.

While students are required to complete assignments and to be writers of college essays, they also have to allocate time for extra curriculum activities, personal activities and classes. This could well end up being the busiest time of a person’'s life. The amount of workload in college often rises over time to a level where students find it absolutely difficult to manage the stresses that accompany the process of writing college essays.

Below are some suggestions and examples of college essays.

As the college application essay writing season draws to a close, with only a short time left before most regular applications are due, I'm looking back on some of the most interesting -- and most annoying -- essays prompts I've seen this year.


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When talking about college essay topics, it is necessary to mention that students can be either given specific topics or can choose topics by themselves. The second option is very popular as student’s choice can often characterize a student himself. If you happen to choose an interesting topic, your professor will get interested in your personality. Try to be creative and impress your professor. The right choice of essay topic will help you. As a rule you are free to choose any topics in a particular field. For example, you were assigned with a . You cannot even imagine how much freedom you can have. First and foremost, you can choose between different essay types (, , etc.) Then comes choice of a topic. For example, you can compare and contrast two US presidents or economic conditions of two periods in US history. If you chose a descriptive essay, you may depict some historic events like Vietnam war, Declaration of Independence, Caribbean conflict etc. Keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to write about things in which you have no competence or at least interest.