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For each essay submitted, we provide our in-depth, comprehensive, and timely feedback. Every essay receives a red-lined, commented critique, identifying where your California Baby Bar Exam essay writing is deficient and identifying what steps you need to implement in future essays to create a passing-level essay answer. Additionally, we provide an in-depth evaluation for each essay submitted (this is separate and in addition to each critique), identifying how you can improve the graded components of your California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) essays. You can view sample evaluations and critiques by selecting the above images.

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The California Bar Exam essay tutoring service is subject to certain blackout periods where no essays or performance tests will be reviewed nor feedback made available. There are no current blackout periods for the February 2016 exam. For the July 2016 exam, a blackout period exists for February 14-22, 2016.

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