Figure 3: The structure of the semi-automatic essay grading system.

Timonen, J.: Validointimenetelmien soveltaminen LSA-dimension etsintään automaattisessa esseiden arvioinnissa. (Using Validation Methods in Order to Determine the LSA-dimension in Automatic Essay Grading). Master's thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Joensuu, 2005.

[14] Hearst, M., 2000, The debate on automated essay grading. IEEEIntelligent Systems

An automated essay grading tool like EdX's can give feedback quickly and repeatedly, with consistent comments on what the student could do to improve, and what's working well. It's like giving students one-on-one access to a grammar instructor who will always remain patient, even to the nth time the kid splits an infinitive.

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Automated Essay Grading Systems    Now Available for both Long and Short Answers

Every time we automate something new, it sparks ecstasy and terror. That's true even for something as mundane as automated essay grading, which has been around for a while, but was added to the EdX platform earlier this year and then .

The National Council of Teachers of English responded with a statement, "," listing nine reasons computers can't teach writing. The English teachers' manifesto was vivid, emotive and foolish. They miss the point entirely. Automated essay grading needs to happen, and English teachers should be screaming for it, especially in K-12.Kakkonen, T., Myller, N., Sutinen, E., and Timonen, J.: Comparison of Dimensionality Reduction Methods - A Case Study on Automatic Essay Grading. To appear in Journal of Educational Technology and Society.